Carcel: You and your friends are part of the largest cartel in Mexico.  You were indicted and arrested for money laundering and bribery.  Your cellmate informed you he has plans to escape tomorrow.  But, he was suddenly put in the hole before disclosing plans.  You have 60 minutes to find his plans and escape before correctional staff remove his possessions! MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE

Recommended:6 to 10 players BOOK!




Art Heist: You and your team are trying to steal some precious art from the Head Curators office, but you accidentally trip an alarm! You have 60 minutes to get out! Use your tools and your art knowledge to try to escape the room before the cops come.MINIMUM 2 PEOPLE

Recommended:6 to 10 players BOOK!

Difficulty:  3stars                                                                                    

Mrs. RedRums Classroom: Mrs. RedRum is in court facing kidnapping charges! The jury is currently deliberating, but they will come back in an hour. The judge has allowed more evidence to be brought to the court if it is given before the Jury’s decision is made. You are a brand new detective looking to make your mark in the department so you have went on your own because you want to make sure you put the kidnapper behind bars! You have 1 hour to find the evidence you need to ensure that you tip the scales in favor of JUSTICE!MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE

Recommended: 6 to 10 players BOOK!

Difficulty: 4stars

Dr. Watsons Revenge: Dr. Watson is retiring, but Sherlock Holmes needs a team of replacements to help assist him in the future. Dr. Watson has been task with finding a good replacement. The way he will test for his replacement is to have you escape his room! If you can escape then you will work with Sherlock if you cant you will be dismissed.MINIMUM 2 PEOPLE
Recommended: 2 to 8 Players BOOK!

Blankface Operator: You are a news reporter and you are trying to get your big break! A killer has been terrorizing the town of Escapeville. You have wandered into what you think is the Blankface Operators lab. You need to find the murder weapons used, names of the victims that are missing, the real name of the actual Blankface Operator, and finally find where the Blankface Operator is headed next.MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE

Recommended: 4 to 10 players BOOK!


The Laboratory: A deadly virus, the “GOOME”, has broken out in 3 major cities! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has said that if we do not develop a cure within an hour that the disease will spread too far to be controlled and everyone will be infected. Unfortunately the leading scientist on the “GOOME” virus and your head scientist, DR. Diehard at your lab had a heart attack just the day before. DR. Diehard was a very secretive person and locked up all of his stuff so no one could steal his ideas. DR. Diehard was the world’s leading Botanist. You and your team are all just freshly graduated from college and new employees, but you have been handed the task of finding all of DR. Diehard’s work and putting it together to finding the cure. 60 minutes to find the cure for the “GOOME” virus before the last of the surviving people in the world are in infected.MINIMUM 4 PEOPLE
Recommended: 6 to 8 Players BOOK!
Difficulty: 5stars